The 2012 AMA Supercross Series Heads Towards the Eastern Parts

The 2012 AMA Supercross series now moves on to the eastern part of the country. The seventh race of this season and the first race of the East Regional SX Lites Class Series will be conducted at the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas next Saturday. Apart from the experienced ones, there are several new riders who will be making their first appearance in this season of the Supercross series. Similar to the races held so far, Arlington too is expected to witness another high voltage drama.

As the events at the western coasts are over, the 2012 AMA Supercross series, a part of the FIM World Championship now heads towards the eastern part of the country beginning from Arlington, Texas, US. The seventh race of this season of the SX Championship series and the first race of the East Regional Supercross Lites Class Series as a whole is expected to be witnessed by a huge crowd at Texas. However, Arlington or Dallas has always been the opening round of the eastern championship. It is expected to add more drama to the series as the competition will get more fierce and tough. The eastern rounds will take place at Atlanta, St. Louis, Daytona, Indy, etc.

The hype and excitement of some of the entirely new racers in the SX Lites class championship always adds more life into the series and grooves it up too. Not only there are some newbies who are making their Lites class premier this coming weekend, but it will also be very exciting to see that who will be able to deliver some great performance and show some amazing effort to give a tough fight to the experienced big boys of the game. The point’s leaders will try hard to maintain their position in the points table and crawl up whereas the newbies will try to make some mark in the points tally. It’s definitely going to be a fierce battle in the eastern rounds.

Beyond all these expectations, there are also some notable beginners coming in in the next match. Many of these greenhorns have been one of the top AMA Amateur racers for several years and will be making their debut in this season of the AMA Supercross series. Justin Starling, Shawn Rife, James Justice, Austin Politelli, Gannon Audette, Tyler Sjoberg, Zack Freeberg, Kyle Peters and Cole Thompson are some of the newcomers this season.

Ryan Villopoto will no doubt be charged up after his three wins in this season so far which also includes two consecutive victories at Anaheim II and San Diego, while his arch rivals only have a single win each in this season. In the last two matches, Villopoto seemed untouchable in the race track and is delivering some of his great performances. He is again expected to again deliver another gem of a performance at Texas. The Cowboys Stadium of Arlington is amazing and has great facilities. There will be many new riders to watch for in the upcoming Lites class match and it is expected to be a high voltage drama.

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