TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda Registers another Podium Appearance at San Diego

It was a great night for team TLD/Lucas oil/Honda at the sixth race of the 2012 AMA Supercross Series at San Diego. Two of their riders, Cole Seely and Travis Baker delivered a high voltage performance and were able to secure the second and third spot at the race ending. Thus, this helped the team to score another appearance at the podium in this season at San Diego.

During the sixth race of the 2012 AMA Supercross Series, a part of the FIM World Championship, Cole Seely delivered a great performance in front of a huge fan base at the Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego. His solid performance earned him a second spot at the end of the race, exactly the same result as Anaheim II. Travis Baker, Seely’s teammate, came in at the eighth position at the finishing line.

It was an amazing night for team TLD during the entire heat race as Seely and Baker took off from the first and second position and then went on to show some great efforts and make their way easy in the race. It is for the first time in this season of AMA Supercross series that the two teammates have ended up at the first and second position in a heat race. Though they were very anxious going for the main event, they pulled off a great performance.

During the final event, Seely completed the first turn at the fourth spot while Baker was riding at the twelfth position. Both the riders went on to work out their way to the front position. Seely could manage to get up to the second position very quickly. Seely finally had to settle down for the second position. Seely was found grinning at the race ending. Baker worked hard to go up to the eighth position after fighting for fifteen laps.

AMA Supercross seriesSeely quoted, "I’m very glad with the way the evening went. I started nicely and was performing well for fifteen laps. But I think that it wasn’t good enough to secure the first position. I’m eventually happy with what I earned tonight. Looking forward to the upcoming break and would love to do some outdoor testing during the break."

After the race, Travis Baker said, "I was a bit frustrated for not being able to fetch the desired results, but now I’m happy with the way the things have gone for me and the way I have been riding during the whole week. Just wish to acquire further good results that what I presently earned. The upcoming break will be really helpful to gather some momentum and it will let me focus more on delivering much better performances and hit the race podium in the upcoming races."

Another TLD rider, Christian Craig is out of the remaining AMA Supercross series matched due to a severe wrist injury which he incurred during a crash last weekend. Though he will need to undergo a wrist surgery, he will be journeying with his team to support them and to be present at the autograph sessions.

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