Top-10 Moto Finishes in the WMX Event of the Redbud National

The 2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is one of the most hyped outdoor dirt bike racing championships of this year because it will host all the three major outdoor racing tournaments viz. the 250cc lites class event, 450cc class event and also the 2012 Women’s Motocross Championship (WMX). The 2012 season of the WMX is scheduled to host eight rounds and the fifth round of this championship was held last Saturday night at the celebrated Glen Helen Raceway located at the center of Buchanan City, Michigan, USA. The stadium was completely jam-packed with thousands of fans attending the event and the atmosphere therein was completely electric.

The amount of excitement and thrill in the WMX event was in no case lesser than the 250cc lites class and the 450cc class events. Similar to the 250cc lites class category event and the 450cc class event where Blake Baggett and Ryan Dungey swept away victories in both the Moto matches and emerged as the clear winner in their respective events, the WMX event too saw Ashley Fiolek of team Honda Muscle Milk winning both the Moto matches and claiming the top position in the race podium.

Ashley Fiolek missed out on the fourth WMX event at HighPoint, Mt. Morris due to some injuries but made a sound comeback to the racing arena last weekend at the Redbud National. She dominated the race track throughout the event and was totally amazing in both the Moto matches. Her speed was good throughout the event and some of the passes she made were breathtaking. While Fiolek won the event, a score of 3-4 in the matches by Sara Pettersson of team KTM gave her the second podium position. Tarah Gieger of team Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda acquired the third podium position with a score of 2-6 in the matches. The top 10 Moto finishes in the WMX event of the 2012 Redbud National is given below:-

Top 10 WMX Moto Finishes at the 2012 Redbud National:-

  1. Ashley Fiolek – from St. Augustine, Florida – Team Honda Muscle Milk – Moto Score (1-1)
  2. Sara Pettersson – from Sweden – Team Munn Racing KTM – Moto Score (3-4)
  3. Tarah Gieger – from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico – Team Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda – Moto Score (2-6)
  4. Kasie Creson – from Vallejo, California – Team Honda – Moto Score (5-3)
  5. Jacqueline Strong – from Sedona, Arizona – Team KTM – Moto Score (4-5)
  6. Mariana Balbi – from Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Team Honda – Moto Score (14-2)
  7. Alexah Pearson – from Sacramento, California – Team KTM – Moto Score (6-7)
  8. Sarah Whitmore – from Cheboygan, Michigan – Team KTM – Moto Score (7-8)
  9. Sade Allender – from Sanford, Maine – Team Honda – Moto Score (8-9)
  10. Brianna DeGray – from Springfield, Massachusetts – Team KTM – Moto Score (9-10)

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